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S&W Sigma .40 cal - Any Good (really)?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by BBDartCA, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. BBDartCA

    BBDartCA PNW Member

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    I've heard this is a good reliable gun despite its cheap price. Anybody here have any opinions?
  2. RRC Firearms

    RRC Firearms Gaston, OR Family owned and operated...

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    I bought a used one in 1994 and shot probably 500 + rounds through it with no failures at all so for me it was a great gun for the price. But I have heard from others that have had them fail when they needed them most so I guess its kind of a gamble. I sold mine off and went with a Glock 22 and I have to say it is built better than the Sigma was and I liked having the front rail to put a flash light on.

  3. deadeye

    deadeye Albany,OR. Moderator Staff Member

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    I have not had any issues with mine other than the feed ramp needing polished on the first one I bought when they came out. Some people think the trigger pull is too much but I never thought so as it isnt a target gun and was never made to be. The ones I have reliably shoot any type of ammo including reloads.
    I am sure you will hear alot of negatives as well as alot of Glock suggestions to get but I personally feel the Sigma fits and points better than a Glock therefore I do not own a Glock (matter of personal prefference). As far as having a rail to attach items to the newer versions have it the originals did not.

    If you are concerned about the trigger pull you can look at this....http://www.northwestfirearms.com/ha...st-fix-your-s-w-sigma-heavy-trigger-pull.html
  4. U201494

    U201494 Well-Known Member

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    Without question, yes it is.

    The trigger pull is not conducive to shooting small groups (less than 3" at 50') offhand.
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  5. pdx94z28

    pdx94z28 NE Portland New Member

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    my sigma has been 100% reliable since I bought it in march. I have put around 1000 rounds through it since. I didn't find the trigger that bad. It had some tool marks that I polished out so it's nice and smooth now. Besides at $300 out the door I couldn't pass it up. I would do it again with out a problem.
  6. jim97701

    jim97701 Bend Well-Known Member

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    I have the Allied Forces model in 9mm and havent had any troubles whatsoever and it has never jammed or failed to go bang, A great deal for the price I paid new of $269. As for the trigger its not an issue either and youll get used to it. Just my .02 worth.
  7. Gunner3456

    Gunner3456 Salem Well-Known Member

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    I had a Sigma in .40. Never failed to go bang. A BG wouldn't have liked it at all, LOL.

    We are all built differently from hand size to arm length to neck length, etc, and a Glock fits me best so I switched, but not because I didn't trust the Sigma. I did install a new Wolff spring in the Sigma and liked it a lot better.
  8. pioneer461

    pioneer461 Columbia County, Oregon Active Member

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    I carry an issued Sigma 40VE for work. The Sigma has great ergonomics and so far, it has been a very reliable shooter. I am one of those who do not like the trigger. It is long and hard (as compared to other striker pistols I've shot & own) and because I don't own it, I can't get a trigger job. My target groups with the Sigma can be considered "combat accurate" but not a tack driver by any means. Consider what it is. S&W makes them as budget service pistols, not competition grade.
  9. buick455

    buick455 se portland Member

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    I've got one in 9mm and it has always worked as it should with no failures of any kind. I picked up mine from a friend who never bothered to clean it so when I got it the pistol had 1000+ trouble free rounds and all the burned powder and original grease still in it. I cleaned it and did a quick polish job like a .25 cent trigger job a glock would get and while the trigger isn't great and the sights aren't very good for acuraccy the gun is well worth $300 bucks
  10. never2many

    never2many halsey Member

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    i got a 9mm and its been 100% well worth the $280 i paid
  11. PDXSparky

    PDXSparky Keizer / Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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  12. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg WA Well-Known Member

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    Mine has a trigger pull similar to a manual construction stapler and I would never carry it, personally. I only keep it as a loaner for the zombie war
  13. Nate08

    Nate08 Wa New Member

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    I have a little over 500 rounds through my 40ve, and its never failed to go bang. I do like glocks, but the mag release interferes with my hand when I shoot (lefty) the sigma fits my hand like a glove.

    The trigger is stiff, but mine has loosened up since I bought it and in a carry gun I dont mind a hard trigger pull in lieu of a safety.

    For the prices these guns are available at how wrong can you go really, even if you hate it and sell it later?
  14. 74sporty

    74sporty metro portland Active Member

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    i've noticed the good ergonomics on it and thats why my left handed buddy liked his, but boy are they ugly
  15. CAL30M1

    CAL30M1 Longview, WA Active Member

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    You can say that again.
  16. castleguard

    castleguard Centralia, WA. New Member

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    That has to be the most accurate real world description I've heard so far on that trigger. I've put a couple hundred rounds through mine without a problem. The trigger is fine until you shoot something with a nice trigger, and then you'll hate it. I will say that it is one of the more comfortable ( for me ) pistols to hold that I have. At the end of the day, for the money, and reliability, you can't go wrong.