S&W Pre-Model 10 .38 Special Revolver 4"

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    Previous deal fell through, so I'm listing this back up again.
    You must be able to meet in King or Snohomish county to do a deal and be able to show WA dl and be legal to possess a firearm.
    *EDITED, FORGOT CASH PRICE. Sheesh, you guys... :thumbup:

    Cash price: $600, would prefer trades

    I have an .38 special S&W Pre-Model 10 in extremely good condition. 4" barrel, made in the 50's, with essentially no wear on the gun. Looks like it has never been holstered, and fired very little. Has a pinned barrel, locks up good, and has one of the smoothest double-action pulls. The single-action is so light, just thinking about pulling the trigger will make the gun fire. The bluing is a bit darker and more matte than it appears in the picture. Will include a set of Pachmayr grips as well. Looking for trades, but feel free to send cash offers.

    Trade interests: CZ-75, 1911s, Ruger Vaquero, other S&W revolvers, other 9mm, .38/.357 and .45 caliber handguns.
    Pistol-caliber rifles (no Hi-Points). Plain jane Mini-14 and lower-end AKs.
    Mossberg 930. Other guns? Not interested in other shotguns, hunting rifles, SKSs, or Taurus products.

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    For Sale/Trade Ads (a.k.a. WTS/WTT) Prices are required, as they are in for sale ads. Again, a list of what you're looking for is also highly suggested.
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    What he said. If you're soliciting cash offers, it's for sale regardless if you also might trade, so a price is required. This isn't an auction site.

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