S&W Model 60,Stainless with Custom grips, Custom holster, speed loaders & Lotsa Ammo

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    Smith & Wesson 5 Round Satin Stainless 357 Remington Mag w/HiViz Sights...
    .357 Mag/.38 Special S&W #60 with 3" barrel. 5 shot comes with 2 sets of grips, full size Pachmyer rubberized, and a set of beautiful compact dark-beautiful grain wood with open back.
    Have brand new custom molded canvas holster that fits the pistol snug as can be with 1 fingered snap to open.
    5-five round speed loaders.
    Premium self-defense and plinking ammunition to go with her.
    21 rounds of .357 Mag 158 gr Hydra-shok:cool:
    20 rounds of .38 Spl (+P) 129 gr Hydra-shok:D
    15 rounds of .357 Mag Starfire 150gr
    50 rounds of .357 Mag Blazer 158gr JHP
    12 rounds of .38 Spl (+P) Blazer 125gr JHP
    42 rounds of .357 Mag UMC 130gr FMJ
    160 Total rounds:thumbup:

    My price is a firm $10,640 Cash for everything.
    No trades at this time...
    Not going to break-up or sell ammo or accessories separate.
    FTF Oregon residents 21 or older with exchange of ID & Bill of sale.
    .......Or ship at your expense to FFL, make sure they will take from a non-FFL.
    Send PM for information or meet/buy time/place.
    Thanks for looking and happy safe plinking/shooting/defending what and who is yours!
    More pictures:
    Pictures by mastersbuck - Photobucket


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