S&W model 1973?? But looks and marked model 10?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by mjbskwim, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Today at the gun shop a guy brings in what looks and is marked a model 10 in perfect condition. Beautiful gun. 100% or darn close.
    Says it was 1pf 5000 from Ca. State police.
    So his kid gets on S&W's sight to look up the serial number.
    C7million something. Screen goes blank.
    Anyway,apparently these were in a huge recall from S&W and are commanding upwards of $20k:eek:
    Again it looks and is marked a m10-6 but the serial number shows a m1973o_O
    Anyone ever heard of these things or know of this recall?
    The funny part is it was only fired 6 times. The first guy shot it 5 times then let his wife shoot it. She put her left hand right next to the cylinder gap...well we know what happened there:confused:
    So this guy in the store bought it for $50 back in 85? he thinks.

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