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Excellent condition full sized M&P in .45acp, no thumb saftey model. comes with four (4) 10-rd mags, case, lock, and all 3 grip inserts. no manual. previous owner said 300 rounds down pipe and I put one box of 50 through it, everything fine, just .45 isn't my cup of tea after all. $475 FTF with OR Driver's license and positive feedback here. Will also do a bill of sale for both parties. Live in portland. Will ship on your dime to an FFL that will take from private seller.

I cannot figure out the pics, but here is an example:

will email pics if you're serious, check my feedback, I don't embellish, it will be as described.


add'l info based on several questions I've received.

10+1 Rounds
.Barrel Length:
.Front Sight:
Steel Ramp Dovetail Mount
.Rear Sight:
Steel Novak® Lo-Mount Carry
.Trigger Pull:
6.5 lbs.
.Trigger Travel:
Rest to Fire .300 in.
.Trigger Reset:
Approx. .140 in.
Slide and Barrel Black Melonite®, 68HRc, Black Zytel Polymer Frame
.Overall Length:
Zytel Polymer Frame, Stainless Steel Barrel, Slide and Structural Components
.Weight Empty (No Mag):
29.6 oz.
.Overall Height:
5.5" / 13.9 cm
.Sight Length:
Last Edited:
not too much, would consider an M&P 9c and maybe $50. also would look at some .308 ammo. finally, would consider a small 9mm like a kel tec pf9 with cash to make the difference in value.

thanks for looking.
I don't know as I'm the second owner, round count is 300 from first and 50 from me. The serial number starts with MPR if anyone knows. I looked online and couldn't find a site to tell me the date of production with the serial number.

UPDATE: OK, I looked at the envelope with the spent shell casing from the factory, that is dated 4/28/07. I also found an online source that said the DOM is a number next to the serial number on the carrying case it comes with, if that is correct, it was manufactured on 1/20/07. I hope that helps.
I am assuming that the M&P has double-action first round capability. If that is true, is there any difference between the trigger pull for the first round and subsequent rounds?
It's double-action only, so all pulls of the trigger are the same. It's one of the thing I like about it.

I don't believe you can chamber a round by pulling the trigger, if that's what you mean. (If it helps, its a striker-fired, Double-Action similar to a Glock in those respects).

I've always racked the slide to chamber one. I don't carry (yet!), but I know guys that do who carry the M&P feel no worries about carrying one in the chamber.

I hope that helps, and thanks for taking a look.
if it were really double action, then if you pulled the trigger and the primer didn't pop, you could pull the trigger again and the gun would be

1. cocked 2. shot (double action)

thus, in the rare, but I've had it happen with me a few times, instances where you need a second slap at the primer a double action can do it - I think these guns aren't really double action and you'd have to manually eject the unspent shell that didn't fire, thus recocking by moving the slide. (in glocks at least - I understand you only have to pull the slide back a little bit to recock - I don't know how these work in that regard).

my 2 cents
That sounds right, I don't think you can just pull the trigger again if it fails to fire the first time. S&W calls them a Double-Action Only (DAO). For what's its worth, I've never had a failure to fire in ANY of my M&P's. (One reason I like them so much!)

I do know you only have to pull the slide back a little to recock the striker. With my dummy rounds, I have recocked it by pulling the slide back a bit and the round WILL stay in chamber when you do this and the striker gets recocked.

Would this be recommended in a combat situation? I don't know...I'd probably just fully rack the slide, eject the cartridge, and fire the next one. I think it'd be tough to remember to just pull it back a little.

I hope this helps!
I agree, it would depend on if you had enough presence of mind (possibly not) to decide if you needed to try the round again, or if you had plenty of shots left to just get on to the next one - but my only real point is - if you can't do it all with the pull of the trigger it isn't really double action - I know s&w and glock have called these pistols double action but I don't really know what they had to be smoking to get something this simple wrong. Glock calls theirs "safe action" now.
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