WTS OR S&W M&P .45 with extras 850-

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    Smith and Wesson M&P .45 with night sights
    Three mags
    Mag holder
    Belt (duty belt I have several sizes and you can pick)
    Two holsters one safariland lvl2 one light bearing black hawk Lvl 3
    Tlr one weapon light
    Will include 31 Speer gold dot (duty ammo)
    150 rds ball ammo

    850 for package OBO

    If wanting just part of package.

    M&P 45 with box and all grip pieces, three mags, and night sights 500-

    Black hawk epoch holster 80
    Safari land level two holster 40
    TLR one 80-
    Mag carrier 15-
    Belt 25-
    Safari land qls system 30-

    All prices are OBO

    No ammo included when breaking it up. (Sorry 1911s like to eat ammo too)


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