WTS WA S&W M&P .40

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    I bought this in September of 2013 to work an armed security gig and only put 250 rounds through it the entire time I’ve owned it.

    I’m selling because when I became a cop my service pistol changed to a Glock 17, and my department gives me free 9mm ammunition every quarter.

    The pistol had a 4.25 inch barrel and everything that originally came with it. It’s been holstered on a duty belt pretty much the entire time I’ve owned it and is in great condition. I have a safariland 6280 holster and about 200 rounds of ammo that go with it.

    $400 , no trades please.

    5B5B0BA1-13D0-46F9-8220-51EF0054AF9A.jpeg 74E1FB7A-3DE0-469D-B2B5-C5F71C51C3BE.jpeg 0EAC1E57-A150-423C-AA21-61188D551BE9.jpeg image.jpg
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