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SOLD S&W M&P 40 - 6 mags - $560

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by SCAR-Man, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. SCAR-Man

    SCAR-Man Douglas County,OR New Member

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    I am selling my S&W M&P 40, of which I purchased at Oak Grove Ventures in Eugene, in 2011. I've owned it since new and I estimate it has less than 500-600 rounds through it. I did shoot it at league at the Baron's Den, in one cycle.

    I'm selling it, because a friend sold me a kimber 1911 a few years back and I fell in love. Now that I'm on my second Kimber 1911, I can't see the need for this baby. I'm firm on the price. However, I promise that none of the funds from this sale will support drug czars, the Pro-Russian Ukraine rebels, starving children in Sudan, Sally Struthers, a Vegan agenda, be used to pay off a credit car, to fund the 99% or the 1%, as a tax break, or donated for political reasons. Rather, ever last penny will be put towards the acquisition of a new weapon systems, in which is being purchased with my black funds, to ensure the suspicion isn't raised with the spousal unit. A purchase that will be stashed away in my safe for a year, before the spousal unit becomes aware of "that old thing? I bought it over a year ago from (insert friend's name). I thought I told you that"

    Pistols upgrades
    -Apex Trigger ($100)
    -TrueGlo night sites ($50-75 @ Baron's Den)

    Goodies --(see pics)
    -(6) 15-round magazines (a few are cerakoted)
    - Original box, first bullet, manual, etc... (great shape) (Manual hardly used)
    -Cleaning mat, specific to the M&P 40 (great mouse pad)
    - Original holster and mag holster (never used)
    -3 backstraps, to adjust pistol grip size (Small, medium, and Oh My God)
    - 2 non-standard holsters (Blackhawk serpa and a paddle holster I forget the name of)

    Pistol + Goodies price - $560

    Ammo available at additional cost ($100)--
    -40 S&W rounds - ~367 rounds
    - 6 mags full ( 90 rnds) (black talons, hollow point, FMJ, mixes)
    -100 american eagle (2 boxes)
    -50 rnds Winchester Ranger (hollow points)
    -50 rnds Blazers
    - Assorted (Black talon, hollow point, round nose, etc. you can see them in the red box)
    [[Basically a smorgasbord of different rounds I've shot and still have from 14 years of owning a 40 of one style or another]]

    I live in Roseburg but work in Eugene... so I'm happy to meet in my travels at those two locations...

    Pistol + Goodies price - $560

    MP40 - 4 night sight.JPG

    MP40 - 5 mat.JPG



    MP40-3 mags.jpg

    MP40-7 case.JPG

    40SW ammo.JPG

    MP40 - 6 case.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2014
  2. SCAR-Man

    SCAR-Man Douglas County,OR New Member

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    I should add, this is my first post... but, I practically read this darn forum every day... I just never bother to login... yes, since 2010, I've been reading the forum, without ever logging in... I'm that guy...
  3. SCAR-Man

    SCAR-Man Douglas County,OR New Member

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    Price Update
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