S&W M&P 15A Or Del-Ton AR15

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by wavo, Nov 11, 2009.

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    Hey all I was hoping to pick some of the smart people's brains and see what they knew or thought of the S&W M&P 15A. I'm looking for my first AR purchase, I want something basic/useful and under $900.

    I was looking intently at Coctailer's Del-Ton deal and from the feedback by different members it is a sweet deal. How would you say it compares to this gun? Seems like a good price for a S&W.


    Right now Smith and Wesson is having a deal where you get 5 mags for free if you buy an AR before Dec. 31st.

    Was just looking to get some feedback from anyone that has a S&W or even the Del-Ton...

    Not sure if I should skip the S&W, save $125 and buy the Del-Ton and have $$$ left over for ammo. Or if the S&W was anything superior over the Del-Ton.
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    I like the finish of the M&Ps, but the DelTron is probably as good of a gun. S&W might be worth an extra $100 in resale value. If you can get a cash rebate instead of mags, I'd get the cash and buy P-Mags.
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    I like the M&Ps also but the Del-tons seem like a good deal and they have pretty good reviews from other sites although there are plenty of "bashers" who can afford to buy Colts and Noveskes for plinking rifles.

    The M&P deal is pretty good though if you figure 12 or 15 bucks a piece for P-mags. You might check with some of the dealers around town and on here. Maybe post in the WTB section. It looks like that site has free shipping, but figure the FFL transfer ($15-$35) and I think in Oregon you have to pay for a background check.

    Good Luck

    I think you'd be good to go with either one.

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    Do not forget about transfer fees. You may be able to find one local and save some money
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