S&W Factory service: 38 SPL Bodyguard

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    I recently bought a S&W 38 Spl Bodyguard for my wife. This belongs to the newer generation of polymer framed revolvers and comes with a factory installed laser sight (Insight). I find the feel of the S&W DAO trigger better than the Ruger LCR plus it was on sale at a pretty terrific price (I think it was a buyer's remorse thing and the gun looked brand new and the paperwork/warranty was still blank).

    I did notice that the hex screw that held the battery case looked funny in that something was in the hex hole itself-I thought was just a sand grain or something It did not appear to be a broken off allen wrench-plus the tools with the gun appeared unused; I took the gun to the range and was amazed that it shot so well for such a lightweight gun, both with the sights and with the laser (my wife actually shoot better with the laser on this than with a .22)-Reason being is that you are concentrating on the laser holding over the target and you forget to anticipate the shot....

    A few weeks later I decided to check out how difficult it was to change out the batteries; only to discover the hex screw was buggered that whatever was in the hex head was not removable....Well, I knew I could return it to S&W....But heck it's only a screw! So I took a needle nose pliers; still no go!!! (Yes I know which way to turn a screw!!!) At this point I was embarassed over the tool marks on the screw so I called S&W and they cheerfuly sent me a replacement screw and planned to carefully drill the head off on my drill press....

    Well, I managed to drill the head off and pull the battery cover off-only to discover the bolt could not release from the frame. It appeared I was a bit over my head as the frame would not easily disassemble for me to figure this out.

    Chagrined I emailed S&W and explained that "honest, I know how to unscrew a bolt" and that "I should have sent it back to them when I had realized the hex screw was bad"...

    The next working day I got an email response (which could have been computer generated) which indicated that I would be receiving a return mailing label. In 48 hours, I received a prepayed Fed Express second day downloadable label which I printed out and sent the gun out.

    I was thinking, OK worse case scenerio-customer has voided the warranty by attempting repair...so we are charging you....

    7 days from when I shipped it I get the gun back; New battery cover (and of course, a proper functioning hex screw) No nasty note or anything!

    Amazing I believe in S&W now!!!!

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    One of the things that sets Smith & Wesson apart from the rest.
    That said, Rock Island is very close to S&W with their service/support.

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