S&W Army Issue Tanto Auto knife

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    I have a Smith and Wesson push button auto spring 3" Tanto blade knife with "Army Issue" printed on blade front and the other side "USA". Black aluminum housing with small hex head screws to take apart for getting to spring. Its never been messed with. Clip attached. Not sure if it was made in America or Asia, but its a quality auto knife in newish condition. I got it about 7 years ago and have NEVER used it. Its been stored open all this time to preserve the spring strength. The spring is very powerful and open with authority. I base this on comparison to the Benchmade autos as this S&W opens quicker than the $200+ Benchmades I've handled. I've seen this particular knife listed retail for $199, but naturally I never paid that. I seem to recall more like $120 I paid back then. I'll part with it for $75. I'm unsure of legality for ownership outside of Oregon, so please Oregon residents only. In the mean time I'm gonna try and figure out how to post pictures. :bluelaugh:

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