S&W 686 4" Bbl CS-1 (Withdrawn)

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    For sale/trade a Smith and Wesson 686 CS-1 "Treasury Gun." This gun was developed for the Customs Service as their duty gun in the 1980's. Later, when phased out and semiautos were in, they began to filter out to the public, but Janet Reno found out about it and destroyed about 1500 of them. There were only some 3500 or so made with the CS-1 designation, so only about 2000 in existence.

    NOT a S&W expert, but what I have gleaned:
    • From what I understand, the round butt was kinda special at the time on this pistol (though I think they are more commonly seen on new production guns).
    • The front sight is designed a bit thinner than standard (1/10" instead of 1/8") to allow for greater accuracy when called for in action.
    • The action is very, very smooth, indicating it was shot a bit before I got it (apparently the guns were very stiff when new).

    The 4" bbl was the uniform duty carry pistol. This one shows some holster wear at the muzzle. Nice condition, and this gun used to have to work for a living. Bead-blasted finish, so not as bright and shiny as the polished guns. I do not have box or papers. The right "ear" of the rear sight seems to have been bumped - is scuffed and bent ever-so-slightly forward, but I only noticed it last nite after looking the gun over a dozen times or so.

    Am asking $800.00, or best offer. FTF in the Albany area, or shipped to your FFL for $25. ODL and Oregon CHL needed for FTF.

    Since I still need a .357, a 4"bbl 357 is of interest, as is a Remington 1100 20ga, or maybe other guns....


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