S&W 500 Magnum (Like New) w/ 40 rounds 350 grain Hornady XTP-MAG

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    I bought this Smith & Wesson 500 Mangnum with 4 inch barrel, just two months ago. It's been shot about 12 rounds. I am selling it along with 40 rounds of 350 grain Hornady XTP-MAG hunting ammo, for $1000 total. The gun was originally $1159, and I paid $94 for the 40 rounds. I would consider a partial trade if anyone has a BLR in .308. Really cool, really big gun, just need some cash back. Please email me on the forum, or call me at 503-933-6974. Thank you.

    Note: Box, Lock, Accessories, Books, Test Fired Rounds, all included with purchase. This gun is massive and cool.

    DSC00864 (800x600).jpg

    DSC00865 (800x600).jpg

    DSC00867 (800x600).jpg

    DSC00869 (800x600).jpg

    DSC00866 (800x600).jpg
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