S&W 3913, m39, or a beat-up glock 19/27, other good IDPA shooter. OR

Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by SCTSQRL, Dec 17, 2009.


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    Looking for a good IDPA shooter on a budget - something better than my Firestar, at least. I'm thinking that I'll have something like $450 to work with after the holidays, balancing a carbine build I would like to do, and winter term tuition.. so I have some specific models in mind.

    While glock would be nice all around - they've begun to slightly grow on me, even though I'm still a 1911 partisan, and a higher end 1911 would be even nicer - I am realistic about my price range. I've heard some great things about the 3913 smith - sort of the spiritual successor to the m39 as I've heard it, and would be interested in either of these smith models. I know that there is at least one m39 floating around Oregon, since I sold one for $350 last year.

    So, my price range is likely 450 at the top end, and if that's unrealistic, feel free to chasten me. But I'm curious as to what is out there, and open to suggestions as well.

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