S&W .38 special model 442 airweight

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    Sold. $450

    Albany area, trade for a M&P9 or M&P40 or AR complete upper.

    S&W .38 special model 442 airweight

    Bought new in 2005 sat in my safe for 7 yrs. with no rounds thru it, I pulled it out a few months ago took it to range and put 30 rds thru it. I carried it a few times but know it's time for something else. Comes with box, some of the paper work, 30rds of JHP ammo, 150rds FMJ ammo (I think), and grips/pocket clip to hold it like a pocket knife.
    really want to trade but if you want to buy for cash I'd let it go for $475.00

    I've had a few people offer me between $300-$400 in PM. I know my price is high compared to what it "should be" but our world changed the moment Our President held that press conference two weeks ago.

    Here's my math, Retail $449.00, back ground check $15.00, grip clip $29.99, box of 100 FMJ ammo $45.00, Box and half of defense ammo $35.00.
    So that comes to $574.00. So my deal is $100.00 cheaper then "Retail".
    Don't forget two more things this pistol will not be registered to the new owner and right now today I haven't been able to find it in stock anywhere heck I cant even find the ammo at this price.

    I didn't take offense to your offer's and heck 6 months ago I might have taken them, but 6 months ago I could have bought a AR15 for $599 at Walmart.

    Take it easy.

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