S&W 29-2 .44 mag, 4 inch, nickel finish and extras

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    Up for grabs is a 4 inch barreled nickel plated .44 magnum. Manufactured in 1980. Good shape with light wear on cylinder. This one has been magnaported, ported, vented, compensated or whatever you would like to call it, its got longitudinal holes in the barrel. Comes with box and factory cleaning supplies. Also has a Bianchi belt holster and a Chet Paulson shoulder holster. A speedloader and 40 rounds of PMC starfire defense ammo and 50 magtech target rounds are also included along with about 100 pieces of brass.

    The market and my willingness to meet it will determine the "value". If you insist on jacking my thread with a whiney diatribe about the value of this deal, then man up and put it in the form of an appropriate offer. Otherwise keep your clammy dick beaters off the keyboard and dont clog up my thread.

    Pleasent comments ( free bumps), helpful history or facts are welcome as wheel guns are not something i deal with much. Phone call works best but i do check in here fairly regularly. Kurt 360-280-0759---------- $975 olympia/tenino area



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