S&W 27-2 Target, wood box, manual -- SOLD!

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Yosemite Sam, May 10, 2010.

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    Gun is SOLD; Thanks for looking!

    I'm offering up for sale my S&W 27-2 .357 magnum with 8-3/8" barrel. This is a beautiful gun and comes as close to a "safe queen" as anything I own. I've only shot about 25-50 rounds out of it, and it came to me in nearly pristine condition.

    It comes with the original walnut box, velveteen insert, tools, and manual. The finish is as deep and lustrous a blue as I've ever seen, anywhere. The lettering on the gun has been highlighted in gold; It has been indicated that this might not have left the factory like that, but it's certainly a good job, whether that's the case or not. The stocks are very nice S&W target stocks correct for the gun, likely original, in excellent condition with no chips or dings. Being a 27-2 it is pinned and recessed, and comes with the TT TH configuration and plain black sights. The trigger is the best I've ever felt on an S&W, the lockup is solid, and there is no end shake. It is mechanically and cosmetically in beautiful condition.

    There is one small ding on the gun, at the edge of the side plate, where the roll pin in the hammer appears to have left a small dent. I have a photo of that I can send if you are otherwise interested in the gun.

    I'm trying to raise money for another purchase, namely a 6.5" S&W 624. That would be the only gun I would consider in trade at this time; Other than that, no trade offers, please.

    The gun is located in Oregon, and I have an FFL I can work with, though in all honesty I prefer a FTF sale if at all possible, and preference will be given to same if I find a local buyer. Price is $725 plus actual shipping.

    [pics deleted]

    Feel free to contact me via email or PM with any questions. Email is preferred. Please note this gun is being offered on several boards. As I said above, I will give strong preference to a local buyer.

    -- Sam
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