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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The B, Oct 9, 2011.

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    using some rustoleum paint to paint some bubblegum.. i know from past experience that this bubblegum takes FOREVER to cure. it "dries" in 24 hours, like it says on the can.. but then it's like 4-6 weeks before it can't be scraped right off without putting up a fight. i like it because once it's cured, it seems to be a lot tougher than krylon, but bubblegum- i don't have 6 weeks. anyone have any tricks? i've tried putting parts in the oven on low heat.. didn't really seem to help any, but that was flat black grill paint- might be more impervious to heat. this stuff is just regular ol enamel...

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    Put it someplace that heat won't adversely affect and use a halogen worklight to warm it up to about 120-140* or so. Don't get it above 160* though.
    Keep it that way for 4 hours.
    That should kick it pretty well.
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    Three to six months air dry time, 24 hours dry time via UV/IR/heat lamp and still 3 weeks air cure time after that. I've painted a couple cars using just Rustoleum and it's good enough quality for heavy use applications. That bloody cure time is just annoying. I have read instances of people using hardener compounds to lower the cure time without sacrificing quality.
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    That's what I'm using on my '68 Porsche 911.

    Seems to work, but it does take a long time to dry/harden.

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