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Rust on barrel

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by brewbrew04, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. brewbrew04

    brewbrew04 Portland, OR Member

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    I recently came in possession of an old H&R single shot 12 ga. and it has been sitting around for a long time. It has some rust on the barrel and pretty much anything else metal for that fact. I was wondering if i could get some ideas on how to remove it without taking it to a gun smith becuase i think i would be fun to try to restore it myself, and since it is a cheap gun to begin with i dont mind making mistakes. Also the front grip has fallen off because there is a metal post that was welded/braised to the bottom of the barrell and a screw goes through the bottom of the grip and screws into that post, My next question is it safe to braise and or weld that post back on?

    Picture 006.jpg
  2. coyote223

    coyote223 NW Oregon Stamp Collector,,,

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    Gun Oil and OOOO steel wool. you'll never get rid of the pitting though.
  3. alexwa

    alexwa Kirkland, King County, WA New Member

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    If it's on the outside try with sandpaper. 600 and up
  4. onearmedswordsman

    onearmedswordsman Hillsboro, OR Member

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    i got a feeling that unless you sand it to the metal you won't be happy with the results. You will need to re-blue. Get a 4oz bottle of Oxpho-Blue at Brownells or at the PDX gun show if you go. I've tried several (cold and hot) bluing systems, and this provides the best balance between performance, cost and ease of application, preparation and touch up.

  5. Huntbear

    Huntbear Ellensburg, Wa. Member

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    Take a standard rifle brass. Crush flat the open end in a vise. Use it to scrape off any rust. There will be brass left on the barrel. Use a good copper solvent to remove the brass. It will not take the blueing off the surrounding areas. Cold Blue if you do not want to re-blue the whole gun.

    Simple gun smith trick.