Whether Americans have a nuanced understanding of ethnicity or not, those Russian-speaking Russians not in Russia are squatters. I guess scumbags from New Jersey deserve Boca as much as Russia deserves wherever. Either way it is just trashy. You can take the girl out of Russia...
Like I said . For the most part Americans have no understanding of ethnicity. To us we equate it with race. Not the same. A battle lost or a massacre 500 years ago is as fresh as something that happened yesterday especially when you get into hotly contested areas like the Balkans .


That ain't cool dude!

Depending on the source, there are between 1/5 to 1/3 of the population of the Ukraine who are ethnic Russian, ain't no way around that, they were born there, and generally go back many generations, and they have just as much claim or right to live there as any, same as you have here, living where you live!
Calling them Scumbags is pretty asinine of you, just because they live in the Ukraine, not even by choice, simply because they don't live in predominantly Russian held areas makes them an enemy, WOW!

I don't think many understand the situation here. Many who live there WANT to re integrate with Russia, they got a taste of what life would be like with out Russia, under the crime bosses, and found it wanting, and they decided they needed Russia to help them find the path forward! Most others embraced a life with out Russia meddling in their business, (despite much/most of the corruption coming from Russia) And they saw a chance to become something greater then they ever dreamed possible under the thumb of Russia, but the crime lords from the Kremlin and Putin crushed that dream! Add to this, Europe and the U.S Seriously squandered their chance to help "The Paris of the East" evolve away from the old Soviet way, and here we are now!

For the Record, I , my wife, and most of my family are Slavic Ukrainian, we go back to the 1600's and before, we were among the first 300 families to settle Texas ahead of it's statehood, and thusly are known as Texians, and we are quite proud of that heritage!
Yeah, and a ton of the Russians in Ukraine are relatively recent arrivals in specific, more prosperous areas, where they are essentially taking the place by adverse possession, with the backing of the Russian military and Vladdie. If that is not scummy behavior, what is? Russia has a long history of acting in not so nice ways to Ukraine. Holodomor, anyone? Pretty lousy if you ask me. If you have Ukrainian ancestry, you should be more upset with what Russia is doing than I am. Are there some Russians who have been there a while, such that it is their home? Sure. But that in no way justifies the broader Russian actions.

But at least they aren’t from New Jersey LOL.

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