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Well just paid for a ruger super blackhawk hunter with a 7.5 barrel. Just wondering if anyone has experience with a pistol scope on one. Which one did you choose and why? Is variable power worth the extra money or just go with a fixed power scope? Maybe just a red dot. I plan on running some hot loads through it so it’s got to be durable. Also a good holster suggestion is welcomed. ABAACC90-1225-4BCC-9E6A-B403B5C4A513.jpeg 2D57309C-9B3C-4962-A502-D8710CDC7DE6.jpeg
Friend has one with a 1x Leupold on it and she's deadly with it, myself I never could use pistol scope well. Anyway I have seen it go literally thousands of rounds with no adjustments or problems
I found any large heavy Ruger especially with a scope, was far more comfortable for me, in a some kind of chest rig.

I also found my adventures with a handgun scope were disappointing in any hand-held standing upright posture. Without some kind of actual physical rest such as 'shooting sticks' etc, I was unable to hold on target for more than a millisecond. The higher the power the more obvious my flawed position and uncontrollable wobble. Even the nifty 2-7 & 1.5-5 rigs I struggled to use proved to be unworkable for me.

Odd that red dot seems to not plague like this, and I don't understand how I used to be decent at the IHMSA steel out to 200 yards with just iron sights.
Good luck with your project.
Mr .41 is giving good advise, You need low power. Variable is fine , cause if you have a rest to steady you you can use higher power settings, But i would not have a pistol scope That has a low end of over 1.5. I don't think anybody makes a true 1 power anymore , but remember Your Shaking will be magnified buy the power of your scope. a 4 power scope magnifies your shaking x4.. Red dots are cool. Leupold is never a bad choice, Weaver makes good handgun scopes and can be had from Natchez shooters
I had a 41 mag hunter a few years ago when they were released. With bullets it liked, it would shoot 6" groups at 100 yards off of sandbags. I used a 2x Leupold on mine.
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