WTT OR Ruger SR556E Piston Driven, Slim Rail, Sights

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    It doesn't work in the safe.

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    Just seeing whats out there. Not looking to sell but if you have nothing to trade I understand if you would like to make an offer, but please don't be offended if I do not accept since I am not really looking to sell. I am not naming a sale price since I am not looking for a sale, please don't ask my bottom price, that's for the "WTS" portion of the forum.

    I value this firearm at or near $1000 for trade comparison purposes. This is not a cash sale price.

    This is a very low round count Ruger SR556E (same upper, lower, barrel, piston, fire controls, pretty much everything, but with a slim rail instead of quad rail and the folding sights are polymer instead of metal. I was told by the original owner less than 30 rounds were fired. I performed an in depth bolt/carrier/chamber/bore inspection, seemed very clean, no carbon stuck in the chamber grooves or radius on bolt or firing pin, no scratches from "cleaning". I completely believe the original owners round count to be true. The handguard does have a mild scratch near the receiver on the left hand side but nothing major or at all beyond cosmetic. It comes with everything in the picture, soft case, 4 mags, can add vortex crossfire and vortex 3x magnifier w/ swing mount for trading up.

    I am really looking for a Colt M4A1 lower receiver in any functional condition.
    NATO caliber Rifles, 9mm Glocks
    High end optics, and IR (PEQ, DBAL)
    Ban era colts (smallpin)
    maybe a pair of stock non tacti-cool ak's

    Make me an offer I will respond politely yes or no, thanks!

    No Hunting guns, Revolvers (except a pair of old vaqueros) pump guns, .22 .380 .38 .40 .45

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