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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Allfat, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Hey guys. Does anyone know of any gun shops that have these in stock? I have been looking at buying a 1911 and this seems to fit the bill pretty well, but I like to hold stuff in my hand before I buy. I have looked around a little bit, but have not found any in stock anywhere, I guess they are pretty hot right now.

    Another question that kind of pertains to this. If I were to order one, am I obligated to purchase it? What if I order one from a gun shop and decide it is too (insert descriptor here) and I do not like it, can I just say sorry and no thanks? This question is more for general purchase, I have always wondered if I was obligated to purchase if something was ordered.

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    The sr1911 has been really popular since it launched a few months back. Sold out quickly and most people are still on a waiting list for any new stock coming in. All of the major gun stores in portland had them plus some FFL (check the hand gun classified) had them as well. Honestly, pick a store and put your name on the waiting list. It's not going to take as long as you think. Or throw an ad up on the wanted section. Be warn that you'll probably be gouged on the price due to the demand. As for the second part of your question, if you order on and it's shipped to your FFL you'll get a chance to inspect the weapon before you complete the paperwork. So in essence you can reject then and there. This is a waste of everyone's time though so try to get some first hand experience
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    last I heard Ruger is over 30000 units behind on production of the sr1911, so availability is small, and prices will reflect same, I have a friend that has had one on order for almost 6 months and still no idea of when he will receive it.
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    I've been waiting for one too.

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