Ruger Single Six .22

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    I have up for sell my grandpa's old Ruger Single Six 22 3 screw. It was handed down to me and unfortunately I have fallen on hard times and need to sell some of my collection. I have left this gun in the same condition I received it. It is missing the front sights but the threaded hole is there for easy install of sights. I would like to sell to a CHL and do a bill of sale. I want a cash deal. The only trade I would be interested in is for a smaller conceal carry handgun. That would allow me to sell another gun I have(full size). I would like to get a fair price for this gun. I have seen this in excellent condition on gunbroker for 700. I would consider 450 since it is missing the front sight. I have fired just a few shots to confirm it fires properly and then left it in my case. I am open to offers. Let me know.




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