WTT OR ruger railed 22/45 for fixed sight version

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by blitz, Jan 2, 2015.

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    well this was due for a bumping but since i couldn't change the title i closed the original and restarted a new one.

    looking to trade my 22/45 for the same thing (22/45) with fixed sights + cash

    EDIT:::: i may possibly consider trades for other 22 pistols WITH threaded barrel +cash
    however i am not interested in a walther p22 (had one and always ended up losing the front sight)
    ANOTHER EDIT::: if i cannot get a trade on this for what i want i will sell for 500$ cash firm

    this gun shoots amazing, very accurate and i have had zero problems with it. only reason why i am trading it is because i carry it as a hunting sidearm and a camping gun and with the dot sight on it it makes it kinda bulky.

    it has this trigger installed - volquartsen accurizing kit

    and this - c-more slide ride reflex sight with standard switch

    looking to trade it for a 22/45 with fixed sights (threaded barrel only) and 150$ cash firm on your end.
    mine is in great shape and new looking condition so i am expecting the same out of what i trade it for.

    located in beaverton oregon and this is for trade only.
    must have odl, oregon chl would be nice to but not needed.

    here is a couple pics of it


    and this is what i want
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