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22 Long Rifle
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For sale is a Ruger Precision Rimfire in 22lr with a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 MRAD scope. Pretty much a turnkey rig for NRL22 Base Class if you're lucky enough to have matches near you. The rifle and scope have normal wear but both in perfect working order. The muzzle threads and crown are undamaged. The box and all literature is included.


Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 MRAD version. Include the scope box, flip-up eyepiece cover, sunshade, bikini cover, and all included literature.
Catalyst Arms Hammerhead Bolt Knob I can include the stock bolt knob if desired.
The rings are some sort of knock-off Talleys, no doubt made of the finest Chinesium.
3d-printed bag rider, as here: eBay. I shortened it (cleanly) to accommodate the shorter rail of the rimfire vs the centerfire RPR.
(1) 15-round magazine included
For an added $25.00, I will include a Magpul polymer M-Lok rail section and this bipod (more or less unused): Bipod

The tripod and ARCA-Swiss attachment are not included.

The targets are scans of an accuracy test and a tracking test. Both were shot at 50yds using CCI Standard Velocity.

The 6x5 accuracy test was performed with a Vortex Razor HD Gen2 4.5-27x56, not the scope included here. You can see a few fliers that I suspect were my fault. The average for the five shot groups was 0.526", 1.005 MOA.

The tracking test is on the scope/rifle as presented. In my estimation this is adequate tracking for a scope in this price range, but you be the judge. To perform the tracking test I started with a sighted in rifle (poi may have been a bit low) and used the center red dot for my point of aim for each three-round group. The adjustments are written on the target. I ended back at the red dot for my final group. The poor groups are not indicative of this rifle's accuracy potential: I was rushing a bit, and I had to muscle the rifle in the rest in order to stay parallel with the lines on the target. I finally settled down for #4 and #5. If you look closely at the pic you can see a "+" marking the center of each group.

My price for the rifle and scope combo $675.00 firm. I will split if I have buyers for both the rifle and scope at $350 each. No trades on this one, I have a Bergara to pay for. I will ship for actual cost. With prepayment, I can arrange delivery of this rifle to any location along I-5 from Grants Pass to Olympia over Labor Day weekend, assuming I can sync scheduling with a buyer.


687990-3ff6b02b4248a904d6d7ac138bdd3dcb.jpg 687991-a03cfda5f17ae5e441c7b9369ace46be.jpg 687964-c7f97a468e98ae066c4ce5a187354cec.jpg 687965-e3b8ab51d0c03161b64ae3416c771e92.jpg
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