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    I know that these ads work a lot better with photos, but I have never been able to get photos on this site.

    I have a Ruger PC9(Police Carbine 9mm) that takes Ruger P-Series magazines. A perfect companion to anyone with a P85, P89 or P95, or simply a great 9mm carbine on its own. This one has 1-15 round Ruger P89 mag, 2-15 round ProMag P89 mags and 1-32 round mag(I'm not sure of the make, but it works 100%).

    I won't take a guess at the round count. I received it in trade from another member in October of 2011. I personally have fired between 500-700 rounds through it and have not had a single issue. It is accurate, reliable and has virtually no recoil. This is my last firearm in 9mm. I am moving away from the caliber and that is my only reason for wanting to part with it. I am not an appraiser, but I would rate the gun at 90-95%.

    For the carbine and mags I put a value of $650. I am open to a sale but would be more interested in a trade. I am interested in S&W revolvers, Ruger single action revolvers, Colt's, lever guns, bolt action rifles, semi-auto rifles, 1911's, bullet molds, reloading items and basically anything firearm related. I will not be offended by any offer, cash or trade. I am not bound by a dollar value. I am very interested in firearms that I find useful, fun or interesting. If you come out ahead a few dollars is no problem for me.

    I live in southern Oregon, but make semi-regular trips to Portland. Travelling for the right deal is no problem. I also have no problem shipping the gun and going through an FFL to facilitate an out of state deal. Thank you for looking. Kip.
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    Do you still have this? Thanks

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