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Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by pietro beretta, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am looking to trade my Marlin 336a chambered in 30/30, its in very good condition. There is a little rub mark through the blue on the front band, maybe a centimeter in diameter. There is also a very slight indent in the forearm wood, maybe 1/4" long. The front face of the hammer shows a little wear; its the nature of a lever action bolt riding back against the hammer to cock it back upon actuating the lever; just normal wear.

    I have put only 70 rounds or so since I have had her. She has never been hunting, only target shooting -- she would like to see some hunting action.

    I am looking to trade for a Ruger MK. III Target or 22/45 Target or SR22 model in equally nice condition.

    I am getting my wife ready to start shooting with me and getting her a .22 is the way to start her off without shocking her too much.

    Let me know if you are willing, or would like something a little more to sweeten up the deal, but I think its a fair trade, I do have 80 rounds I could throw in--

    I live in the Portland Metro area.

    Oh, and just in case anyone is worried about my recent join date, I am a member of THR, TFL, under the same name (Pietro Beretta) and have been a member of those forums since 2005, I have a 100% feedback on the firearms/ammo/accessories I have sold on those forums.
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