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Ruger MK II Grip Options Shared

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by 4Given, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. 4Given

    4Given The Gorge Member

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    I received my birthday gifts in the mail yesterday. How did my wife know what I wanted? She didn't. Although not clairvoyant, she is the most understanding and gracious person I know.

    Two sets of grips??? I was a little shy about receiving TWO grips.....but again, my wife gave me that "understanding" look......OR was it the "I just don't get you" look. Anyways, I tried not to communicate the "yeah, I'm a pathetic loser" look, in response.

    Check out these two options. They both feel great and fill my princess-hands perfectly.

    Grips (Wood…Ebay): Ruger MKII 22 COCOBOLO Checkered Target Grips FANCY Gun - eBay (item 400082424766 end time Jan-23-11 12:41:06 PST)
    Size-Model# : MK II or III
    Price: $34.99 + $6.00 shipping

    Grips (Hogue…Ebay): Hogue Monogrip Finger Groove Grips for Ruger MK II III - eBay (item 110590483900 end time Jan-22-11 14:00:10 PST)
    Size-Model #: MK II or III - #82060
    Price: $22.49 (Free Shipping from Camas, WA)

    The Wood grips were the first to try on. The screw holes aligned perfectly and the grip fit 100%. The wood grain is super-nice, the checkering sharp and the thump lip smooth and well placed. These really look outstanding against the stainless.

    The Hogue Monogrip was next in line. Although it first appeared that the screw holes were in alignment, it took a few minutes to install. I recommend installing the screws like you would tighten wheel lugs....in an "X" pattern. Once the screws are tight the rubber grip sucks right down to the frame with 100% fit. The feel is fantastic!
    These will be my "everyday grip". :thumbup:

    Note: The wood grips are just placed over the Hogue grip in the pics. This shows how the Hogue grip finger grooves compare to the standard shape grip.
  2. jakk586

    jakk586 Astoria, Or Active Member

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    i like the first one. the thumb shelf looks a bit more subdued than the factory thumb shelf factory grips.
  3. C&H

    C&H SW Portland Member

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    Maybe she wants a MKII for the other set of grips...
  4. 4Given

    4Given The Gorge Member

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    You know......I was thinking the same thing. Don't let those new wood grips just sit in the safe......stick another Mk II or III on them!!!

    PS.....yes, "HE" has "princess hands".....I think they shrunk after I started taking Avodart for my prostate.:laugh:
  5. olyshoots

    olyshoots Vancouver USA Member

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    Leave the Hogue grips on the existing MKII, and buy a MKII or MKIII Bull Barrel for those Ruger target grips - that's what they're for! Grips should never be left lonely, they should always be covering a gun!

    That's the logic I'd use anyway.

    Great gifts!