WTT WA Ruger MK 3 stainless fluted Hunter 22/45

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    Older model with molded grip panels. Was considering milling off the grips to install 1911 panels, but I'd rather move it on since I'm good on 22 pistols. I have added a Volquartsen trigger, sear, removed mag safetey and done the Tandem cross loaded chamber indicator plug as well as the slingshot mod. Comes with synthetic holster relieved for optical sight, two mags with TCross bumpers, and factory case. Also has glue or screw on rubber grip overlay panels uninstalled. Front site is fiberoptic, has picatinny base installed. Prints dime size groups at 25yds rested. 100% reliable.

    Send PC for contact. Willing to add cash if needed. I've got over $600 into this. FFL required, cover our own fees. OK PDX residents if your willing to bring your gun to the Couve FFL then go to an OR FFL where you cover your state's fees/BRC.

    I will do the grip job and keep before selling, so no need to ask.

    Trade interests include
    AR 9mm or 223 pistols
    Lever action 357
    CZ 75 stainless or SP-01
    Glock 41
    PMR 30 (something about them)
    Would add cash to even up.
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