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Some of you may already be aware of this issue, others, not so much. For a period of time Ruger used two-piece bolts in their Ruger Mark II pistols. I have only seen this with stainless steel pistols, but that doesn't mean they were not used in the blued guns. Each and every two-piece bolt in the Ruger Mark II pistols that I've seen, also have the one piece "mainspring housing assembly" rather than the "laminated three plate" pinned version. Nothing wrong with that, but they do seem to go hand in hand. Here's is what the two-piece Mark II bolts look like:
Once the bolt head separates from the main bolt body, it's very difficult to repair that bolt back to perfect working order once again. Yes, I have had some customers tell me that they can have the bolt ear end welded back on. After those attempts, I have seen bolts become warped from the welding process and lack of alignment to the recess in the rear of the receiver.
Here's a bolt on the way to "walking off the job":
Here's the dreaded outcome to the best style bolt Ruger ever used:
Why do I think the Mark II bolt is the best of the flock? The bolt ears are the widest of all of 'em, very easy to pull back and there are no extra cuts for the Loaded Round Indicator. For quite some time Ruger was replacing the separated bolts with Mark II bolts from their inventory. That process is over, no more Mark II bolts left. So, what does that say? Are there still a bunch of two-piece bolts still out there? They were using Mark III bolts are replacements for a spate of time, but now, they claim the Mark III bolts are all gone. Hmmm, the Mark III bolts are solid one piece bolts, so where did all the Ruger Mark III bolts go. You most likely guessed it, replacements for separated Mark II bolts. They are now using Mark IV bolts.
Due to the fact that the replacement bolts, Mark IV bolts included have the smaller diameter, tapered ears, many owners, especially those with fingers the size of 'ring baloney' need to install one or the other type of bolt cocking assists being sold.
So, why all this ink? There is a remedy to prevent your Ruger Mark II bolt from coming off the bolt body, but due to a certain pair that follow me around on these forums, it is better that we discuss this through a private message.
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