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Does it get stuck with the mag installed or not? Have you tried lubing it real well? The first time taking one apart and putting it back together can be quite interesting and time consuming.
Check to make sure the gun is unloaded. Insert the empty magazine and pull back on the bolt. It should lock open. Then push on the bolt as you did before and see if it returns to battery (bolt closes). If it does, I would suspect you have a faulty magazine follower or weak magazine spring or other problem with the magazine, maybe bent feed lips. The hold open feature on most guns works by the magazine follower pushing up on the bolt release when the magazine is empty. If the mag spring is weak or the follower is damaged on not coming all the way up, this could lead to your problem. To further test this remove the empty magazine and cycle the bolt, it should return to battery normally. If it locks back without an empty mag in place then you could have a problem with the bolt/bolt assembly or bolt release. If it cycles normally without the mag in place, then pull back the bolt while pushing up on the bolt release. The bolt should lock back. If you then push on the bolt and it returns to battery after you locked it open manually (with no mag in place) you likely have some problem with the bolt release or the bolt assembly. If it doesn't return when you lock it open without the mag in place, then put the mag back in and push again. If it returns to battery when you push on the bolt, then again its probably a problem with the magazine. I suspect you just have a bad magazine, especially if its one of the plastic after market jobs, but it could be a problem with the bolt release or some other problem causing the bolt to stick open.
Also from the picture you gave, it appears you do have the magazine in, and I am assuming it has no ammo in it. So it does it locks open like it should when the mag is empty. The problem is it should not close by pushing lightly on the bolt. So again most likely the magazine is holding it open like it should but the bolt release just isn't fully engaged in the up position--possibly because the magazine follower just isn't pushing it up all the way. A new mag from Ruger would be the fix if its the magazine. I will add that I had a very similar problem on an M1A a few years back. Sometimes the bolt would lock open when the mag was empty, sometimes not, and sometimes it would close on an empty mag just by pushing on the bolt or even slightly jarring the gun. Problem was the same, the magazine follower was just not adequately engaging the bolt release.
Have you disassembled it, cleaned it thoroughly, and lubed it properly? Looked for any burrs or corrosion?

That vid above is great because they are confusing to take apart and put back at first.
One common problem is that if they aren't put together properly, you can get a part out of alignment (if I recall it's the sear) and then the bolt doesn't cycle properly. I had one brought to me because the guy hadn't put it together properly. It wouldn't cycle fully and the bolt would stick back and not be easy to move forward. It was a pain to take apart because of the condition, but after getting it apart and back together properly, it worked great.

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