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ruger mark 111 disassembly

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by bwchase, May 13, 2013.

  1. bwchase

    bwchase Pacific City Active Member

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    Purchased a new ruger mk111 2 montHs ago. Put a few hundred rounds through it. Fun to shoot and accurate.

    Since I clean my target 10/22 after each use decided to try to disassemble the
    mk 111. Watched the ruger video a few times then went for it.
    Could not get the pin out. Took it to whereI purchased it and their ruger specialist tried for an hour and finally got it apart. Had to drift the pin so had to hammer it out. Asked to have it put back together so I could use it and after he hammered away on it with a rubber mallet finally said I would have to send it in pieces to Ruger.
    Hope to get it back in a month or so.

    Anyone else have this kind of problem?

    This can't be normal can it?
  2. rick benjamin

    rick benjamin USA, Or, Damascus Secure the drama Silver Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    Own lots of Rugers, I've not had that problem.
  3. PuddleMonkey

    PuddleMonkey Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    it's normal, this gun can be frustrating at best but you shouldn't have to send it back to Ruger. watch some youtubes on it, you'll notice the Ruger instructions are flawed and there's little things they leave out that you need to be aware of.
  4. jakk586

    jakk586 Astoria, Or Active Member

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    It's normal. I had a MkIII. A 5.5" 22/45. Took it apart to clean it. Had the same difficulties. Once you do it a few times it gets easier. Just needs a little lube, a big hammer and no fear.
  5. SynapticSilence

    SynapticSilence Battle Ground, WA Well-Known Member

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  6. MarkAd

    MarkAd Port Orchard Well-Known Member

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  7. bwchase

    bwchase Pacific City Active Member

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    That looks like a good idea. Thanks for the information.
  8. Key-Hay

    Key-Hay North Carolina Active Member

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    I switched my 22/45 over to a Tactical Solutions Pac Lite barrel. It's easier to take apart and put back together now.
  9. Hellingbamster

    Hellingbamster Bellingham WA area Member

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    Oh yes. I found that twisting the bolt stop pin thingy back and forth eventually worked it into place, but there are parts inside that have to be lined up just so. Using a correctly sized chop stick or drill bit shank or what-have-you to align the parts helps a lot. Also critical to the operation is keeping the hammer it the correct position. The whole process is not at all simple.

    First time I took the thing apart I truly worked up a sweat and must have spent at least an hour trying to get it back together. I did eventually determine that if one followed the Ruger directions carefully it actually works out. But, a huge PITA and tough on the hands.

    HOWEVER! There is a solution.

    Poking around on the internet I chanced across this website that has all sorts of tempting goodies for all things .22 Ruger. I read and watched the demo video for the Speed Strip kit and figured the time I would save would be well worth the relatively small change it cost. Basically, the speed strip kit replaces the stud that sticks up out of the top of the barrel assembly and instead of having to dismantle the gun to clean it you just unscrew the replacement stud from the top and then simply pull out the slide.

    As a bonus, if you get the 3.2 kit, your mags will pop out as a good mag should and the trigger pull is improved. All the improvements claimed in the add work as stated. Heck of a deal for the price, and no I am not on their payroll.

    Feast your eyes and credit card here;

    Install was straight forward, again following the directions and with very basic tools.

    While you're on the site check out the Ultimate Clip Loader (burn lots of ammo fast) and the grips, and the Kydex holster, the barrels and the ....... etc.

    Oh, I'd also recommend the bumper pads to replace the plate on the bottom of the mags. They are pricey for what they are, but again, they do the job of quickly and positively seating the mags as advertised.

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  10. cookie

    cookie THE SOCIALIST STATE OF KALI - FORNIA Well-Known Member

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    There is no reason to disassemble the pistol after each use , it is just not needed.
  11. techiej

    techiej vancouver, wa Active Member

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    I've got a MkIII that I clean after each shooting session...really not a big deal IF you follow the Ruger instructions EXACTLY. I will admit that the 1st few times I felt like throwing it against the wall it was so frustrating until I stepped back and literally followed each step exactly.

    Also, to get everything to line up before inserting the pin/mainspring assembly, put the pin in from the top first and then remove for insertion. This will make sure that the bolt parts are fully aligned before you try to insert. Also, if the hammer does not go into position on its own, just push it into place before inserting the pin.

    While I agree that you don't have to clean after every session, it makes me feel better to put away a clean firearm and know that it's ready for next use or to store for a while.