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    For a long time I have been looking for the right gun.. to fill a niche, a long hike hunting side arm niche. I wanted an ultra light handgun, I wanted adjustable and modable sights, I wanted DA/SA capability, and I wanted a longer than snub barrel, and I really wanted to lean towards a revolver. In my head I built a S&W airweight in 22 mag but with an exposed hammer, interchangeable sights and a 4" barrel (I still think that would be an awesome gun.) The reality ended up with basically 2 guns fitting the mold but both were way too heavy and or way to largw for my interest.
    I had given up on the idea as it seemed a very expensive experiment with no real solid start point.
    One day on the facebook, a post showed up from Ruger I beleive, it was to advertise the new lcrx. I sent Ruger an email to ask if there would ever be a longer barrel version, I received no response. While walking through the Rickreall gun show I saw it... a 3" ultra light, 38+p, modular sights and grip, exposed hammer... the lcrx3, I got excited. I bought one today, and I really like the feel, the gun has a fantastic grip angle, greasy smooth DA and crisp SA trigger pull. My only complaint is the absolutely obnoxious jingle that comes from the transfer bar.. not stoked on that issue, but I figure in holster, in a stalk, it wont be a problem. I look forward to giving a review of the weapon, hopefully I will be able to get out, the weekend after Christmas.
    Happy holidays to everyone.
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