Ruger LC9 in Southern Oregon?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by skerky, Oct 7, 2011.

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    My wife wants a Ruger LC9 for CC (based on holding it in the gun store), but neither of us have shot one and I'm not aware of any rental spots in the Rogue Valley. Does anyone down here have one that would be willing to meet at a range so we could run a box of ammo through it? (I'll provide the ammo)

    I'm concerned how harsh the recoil is because I want her pistol to be one she's willing to practice with. Our comparison is a P3AT which gets unpleasant after a magazine or two. She has shot my full size 9mm in OFA's Basic Handgun class, but we're obviously looking for something smaller and slimmer.

    You can PM me about meeting, or if you have some comments about perceived recoil I'd like to hear them. Thank you.
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    The recoil is much lighter than the kel tec, even at the higher caliber. For the size its about the average recoil for mid ranged priced guns. If you wanted to spend the money the Sig p238 has little recoil and easy to shoot or if you really want to cut down on the recoil but stay pretty compact the ruger Sr9c is a good choice. There's a good possibility ill be picking up the lc9 for myself next Friday so if I do ill shoot you a pm to see if you're still looking for one to try. I'm in jacksonville

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