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    A big shout out to Branch Buster... and the guys in Albany!

    I have a few things I need to sell to finance that new GEN 4 .357 SIG.


    This is the last of my stuff for sale until I decide to sell my last few CZ Poster sets.

    Vickers Tactical /Blue Force AR-15 sling, (black) new in package.
    AR-15 Handguard Tool, perfect condition..
    Great for someone new to ARs and want a top quality tactical sling, and
    a tool to change a hand guard or

    $68 shipped.


    Your choice of One or both
    Tactical Flashlight mounts
    for a rail.
    Surefire G2 flashight ring.
    KZ offset Flashlight mount.
    Either is in Superb condition.

    $23 each.


    $45 for


    Ask for more bigger pics.
    2 new pair of Walnut grips.


    I sold my MDE .380 and have 3 sets of grips left. Custom made in Hungary by Dennis Marschal to my specs for slightly wider grips than the factory ones,

    These give you better control.

    Orange grips ..have been used for photos only.

    I've sold MDE grips before, so I know these will go fast.

    Do specify which color you want.

    Should fit your gun with minor to no fitting.
    $55 per pair, shipped/insured. Cont USA.

    I usually ship pretty quick from Washington state.

    No gun, mag or holster included. I no longer accept PP.

    Action book series: TRACK - $30

    From out of the '80s comes Jerry Ahern's character..
    ex US Army CID Major DAN TRACK!

    Custom L frame S&W .357, Walther P5, Scorpion .45 auto, SPAS 12 Guage
    Shotgun are some of the weapons utilized by Track and his crew.

    ( 8 ) Volumes: 1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11,13

    All books in good condition as shown.
    Will make a good starter collection for the Track fan, or
    introduce new shooters to Ahern's gun filled work.

    $30 shipped/insured.

    I accept money orders .
    Glock Annual Magazines: 2007, 2008, 2012
    Superb condition: no marks, tears of or missing pages.

    The Glock annual and autopistols magazines
    are great or a new Glock owner or Glock

    Free 2012 CZ-USA Catalog and Decal if you buy the Glock Annuals.

    Email me for more pics.

    Use Glock LCV in your subject.

    $38 shipped.


    Vintage pair of Hiatts security hinged handcuffs..
    I've had these from about 1993, and they have been in an old safe
    for the last 15 years or so.
    They are Made In England.
    Sold as a collectible to someone who likes vintage police items.
    No keys, and one hinge might need some oil, but otherwise in
    excellent shape. Any standard handcuff key will work.

    They are pretty stout and therefore heavy to ship.

    $48 shipped.


    GALCO TRITON kydex IWB holster.

    As sold by GALCO and Amazon.

    1-3 week delivery.

    I have it in stock right now.

    Fits the Baby Glocks like the G26, 27, 33 and .45 GAP.

    I can't say about any other pistols.

    $48 with Free Shipping!



    I accept money orders, and now accept Pay Pal., For PP or questions/pics.

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    All this stuff is gone.

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