Ruger GP 100, stainless, 4"

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    After a bit of thought I've decided to sell my trusty GP 100. It's a great reliable gun and sat in my bedside safe for years, but I've acquired some S&W revolvers recently and find I prefer them over the Ruger.

    I'm the second owner and I'd wager the gun has had somewhere around 1,000 rounds through it over the course of its life. Other than some slight cylinder wear it's in great condition. Locks up tight and is quite accurate. Will reliably hit a small target at 100 yards in the hands of a capable shooter.

    Comes with one speed loader. Sorry for the poor photo, I am not much of a photographer.

    I'm primarily interested in cash, but I and am open to trades. I'm not interested in .22s, shotguns or milsurps at this time, unless they come with a pretty decent chunk of cash as well. Compacts and subcompacts, large caliber revolvers, compact hunting rifles, quality .45s or just about anything that shoots .308 are things I'd be interested in at the moment.

    Asking $600 to start. Happy to receive offers of all kinds (I'm known to always be looking for a good deal myself, so I can't begrudge others), but be aware I'm doing a little safe cleaning and I'm not absolutely set on selling it. It may be a few weeks before I will seriously entertain low-ball offers.

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