WTS/WTT OR Ruger AR-556 LNIB, with lots of extra goodies 800

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    Hello! thank you for taking the time to read my ad.

    I have a LNIB Ruger AR-556 with only 30rds down the pipe. Unfortunately its just not the rifle for me. I'm mainly looking for a one for one trade for a M92 pap with/witout brace or a converted Saiga in 7.62x39 or 5.45x39
    or a Saiga with all the parts to convert it and maybe some ammo? we will figure that out later.

    Unconverted saiga? no parts? no problem we can work something out.

    but I will gladly take a newer Yugo package deal.

    Will consider any AK 47-74 trades just let me know what you got

    This is a package deal so everything goes as one, will not part out.

    If you want to just buy everything out right its $800 flat

    Anyways, The Ruger comes with;

    • BCM a2 style stock, buffer tube and spring
    • Ruger collapsible, buffer tube and spring
    • One armorers wrench for all your AR needs
    • Two metal 30rd clipazines (black)
    • Two PMag 20rd mags (black)
    • One 30rd PMag (not shown in picture also black)
    • One Magpul maglink (black)
    • One Magpul ASAP sling attachment
    • One Magpul Grip (black)
    • One Ruger Grip
    • One Rail riser for optics
    • One red/green dot Tactical sight
    • Ruger flip up rear sights
    • One single point sling
    • One folding VFG
    • One flashlight mount (not shown in picture)
    • 20rds of Federal V-shok
    Can switch stocks at your request.

    FTF only, public place convenient for both of us.

    best way to get a hold of me is email or on here @DJbenner69@gmail.com

    Have a great day everyone!
    AR556 1.jpg AR556 2.jpg AR556 1.jpg AR556 2.jpg
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    Interested. Pm sent
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