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So I have been wondering for a while if a .17 HMR barell for a 10/22 mag change over will work on my 96/22 mag lever rifle. Has anybody tried this or know if the barells from a 10/22 and 96/22 are interchangable?

I could just take the barell off my 10/22 and 96/22 and investigate but I havent been that bored lately.
i know that the regular 10/22 (.22lr) and the 96/22 (.22lr) can be interchanged with a little effort. the 96 uses 2 extractors while the 10/22 uses a single extractor so a notch will have to be cut in the 10/22 barrel to make it work. I would imagine that this holds true for the magnum versions as well.
Thanks for the info I may just buy a barell and try it.
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