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    Ruger .44 Super Blackhawk $600

    7 1/2 inch barrel. Small rust spot and cracked grip. Otherwise in great condition.


    Here is a high-resolution detailed image. It will appear in your browser as small. You will need to click on the image to expand it to full size.

    I am a gun owner, but I have never sold guns before. I am selling these as a favor to a family friend who was recently widowed. I am not particularly savvy to the market, but have been provided a general knowledge of the process through the helpfulness of the member of this board. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

    1. The asking price is based on optimum retail valuations as received from members of this board and others. I have erred on the high side, so feel free to PM me with any offers. All offers will be responded to within one week; probably much sooner. Keep in mind that this is a process in which I need to contact my friend with the offers and then respond back.

    2. I prefer to only sell to members of this board with a history or have a concealed weapons permit. In other words, I myself would not qualify as a buyer since I have just joined this board a couple of weeks ago. If you do not have a history on this board, but can show reasonable proof of responsibility, i.e. gun shop owner, history on another board, etc., that should be fine as well.

    3. I can only sell to Washington State residents. I will want to see a valid Washington State ID with your picture on it. You can cover your name and address if you want for privacy. I will not record any of your information. My only concern is your resident status. I have been told that guns older than 50 years can be sold legally to out-of-state residents with a particular license. If this applies to you, then burden is on you to supply me with the appropriate information.

    4. I prefer to meet in Seattle. I will travel as far south as Tukwila, as far north as Shoreline and as far east as Bellevue. Meetings must be during the day in a public place.

    5. No trades.

    6. All descriptions and prices are accurate to the best of my knowledge. If anyone sees any inaccuracies, I would be very interested to know what those would be and would welcome anyone’s input.

    I currently have these other guns for sale as well.

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