Ruger 10/22 Magnum Hogue Stock $50

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    My son bought this the other day, and we just went to put it on his gun. Lo and behold, he bought a Magnum stock, not a 22LR stock. Therefore it had an inch gap behind the receiver.

    He would like what he paid for it. It is still unused, as you can imagine. It retails for $109.95.

    10-22 Rubber OverMolded™ Stock - Magnum action with Standard Barrel [22020] - $109.95 : Hogue Inc., The Best Value In Handgun Grips, Rifle Stocks and Accessories - Bar None!

    Asking $50.00

    Or if miracles can come true, will trade for a 22LR stock for a bull barrel. Pending his approval, of course. ;)


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