ruger 10/22 limited edition digital camo + more

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    i have a ruger 10/22 i bought new years ago from bi-mart. i don't remember the price but know it was more than the usual. it is a digital camo edition ! who doesnt love camo right? so it has a cheap 22 scope on it right now works perfect. it is a simmons or tasco 3x9. have factory mag plus three plastic lip butler creek 25 rd mags. just after cash so thats the only reason for sale. unsure of the round count but i can say at least 3000 rounds. and to top it off i have a new brick of remington 22 ammo to go with it. 525 count i think. for all this you can have it for a measly 350$ i think it is a fair price. im not trying to gouge by any means but that is worth it to me. ammo+scope+rifle+camo+mags= fun times and my pocket not empty! please only reply if you have the money and want to buy it. not that's to much or for you to turn around and ask 500$ for it. but only reply if you have the money and want to pay 350$ you want a trade you might ask? i will take a 1911 and ammo lol. that would be my only trade thank you and have a safe weekend. remember keep your powder dry or it don't work.:cool:

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