Ruger 10/22 carbine hardwood w/ bushnell 3-9x32

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    I have up for sale today the gun that started it all (this gun lead me to buy 6 more guns in a year:bluelaugh:). Reason I'm selling it is that I never shoot it anymore. I want to let someone else have as much fun with it as I did. This rifle is pretty much bone stock. Great for beginners and anyone who wants a plinking rifle.

    Forgot to add this is zero'd at 50 yards(approx 4 months ago, scope could be off now.) I consistently shoot one ragged hole at those distances. Me and my buddies would shoot empty casings after we run out of targets.


    Ruger 10/22 Carbine 18.5 inch barrel
    Bushnell rimfire 3-9x32 scope mounted with Weaver rings. I also have the stock ruger rings that come with it.
    2x Steel lips magazines
    4x Hot lips magazines (not pictured)
    4x 325 count Federal Automatch
    1x 375 Federal Bulk pack (opened about 99% there though)
    650 rounds Peter's High Velocity solid point.
    90 rounds CCI Mini-Mags.

    Will also come with
    Factory Manual
    Ruger Lock (I lost the key during moving, maybe you can contact ruger?)
    Factory Magazine.

    One minor "con" about the rifle. While I was zeroing it in the front sight fell off. I still have it in my possession so you just need to put it back on.

    Pay my asking price and I will throw in a Gun case and .30 cal ammo can.

    Sorry for my horrible photography skills.

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