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Rubber Bullets?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Rammer80, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Rammer80

    Rammer80 Beaverton Member

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    Hey just wondering is there any where to get rubber bullets for a shotgun like beanbags basically
  2. CEF1959

    CEF1959 Willamette Valley, Oregon New Member

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  3. spider

    spider Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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  4. oldkim

    oldkim Kent, WA New Member

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    So there are so many different loads you can get for non-lethal.

    Here's a good description: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/12.htm

    Here's some more "other" options too. Not all are legal - just a description.

    Avenger: Hollow steel balls with a low gunpowder load. Short range and low recoil, with low penetration. Could be useful in a situation requiring low penetration, such as home defense. Semi-nonlethal.

    Bird Bombs: An explosive payload, which (in theory) detonates on impact. Roughly equivalent to an m80 firecracker.

    Bolo: Two heavy slugs connected by piano wire. Was once known as the garrote slug. While impossible to aim, the wire becomes a very hazardous blade at muzzle velocity.

    Bouncer: Two zytel (nylon) balls. High muzzle velocity, very low penetration. Semi-nonlethal, like rubber bullets.

    Chain reaction: A 6-inch length of chain. Impacts in a rather random pattern.

    Comet: A regular shotgun slug with a red tracer.

    Detonator: Essentially, a hollow lead slug with an explosive tip. It's made with for the purpose of filling with your own explosive or other payload, which then detonates on impact.

    Door buster: Tiny lead pellets, approaching lead dust. Impacts with full force, but over a larger area, with very little penetration.
    Dragon's Breath: Yes, these really do exist, and yes, you can order them for $16.98 each. White phosphorous that ignites upon being shot. Creates a 100-yard flamethrower that burns for about three seconds. Contrary to popular belief, this does not damage a smooth-bore shotgun.

    Fire siren: A small weighted whistle. Incredibly loud at muzzle velocity. Wear ear protection.

    Flash bomb: Like the bird bomb, above, but using a flash-powder incendiary instead of an explosive one.

    Flechette: A whole bunch of needles. High penetration.

    Hammer: A bean-bag round; a nylon bag filled with tiny shot. High impact, but theoretically nonlethal.

    Mini Missile: A solid lead slug with a steel core. The lead slug peels away on impact, driving the core through hard targets (like armor.)

    Napalm: Like the Bird Bomb, above, but filled with white phosphorous, which burns very hot upon impact.

    Pit Bull: Six big lead pelletes, and one big slug. Not that exotic, really.

    Shredder: A lot of sharp tacks. Short range, but high trauma to flesh.

    Smoke bomb: Essentially, the Dragon's Breath Round, only using a smoke powder instead.

    Stinger: 16 zytel (nylon) balls. Essentially, the rubber bullet for shotguns. Semi-nonlethal.

    Super flare: A shotgun-launched flare.


    But back on point. Where can you buy them? You can obviously check online but some larger gun stores carry a selection of less than lethal shotgun shells (beanbags to rubber projectiles).
  5. Rammer80

    Rammer80 Beaverton Member

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    hmm the birdbomb looks like fun haha. Thanks I was just curious was watching a show on the discovery channel i think about less-lethal options.
  6. gst264

    gst264 Independence Member

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    Spider needs to share his story about being shot with 00 buckshot!
  7. DeLorean

    DeLorean Washington/Oregon Member

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    I've been hit with a bean bag round before. I think you'd need a well aimed shot to stop a determined attacker but it sure left a freakishly large bruise and sore spot for a month.