WTS/WTT OR RRA LAR-15 Entry Tatical w/EoTech 552

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    WTB Spikes Tactical Lowers, cash in hand!

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    Hello guys,

    I am going a different direction with my AR builds, so this one is leaving the stable

    Asking $800 for the rifle WITHOUT EOTECH. If you would like the EoTech with it, I will sell the bundle for $1,100

    The EoTech is for sale separately, but if you want it by itself it is $425. Giving a steep discount to sell as a package. It is an EoTech 552 w/GG&G Quick Detach mount and Multicam hood. This set up would run over $600 if you were to purchase the EoTech/Mount new.

    The Rifle is an RRA LAR-15 Entry Tatical:

    Some of the highlights:

    RRA 2-Stage Trigger
    Star safety selector
    Magpul Buttstock
    Magpul MBUS Rear Sights
    According to RRA, out of the box 1 MOA accuracy.


    That is a Link to the MFG website.



    Trades List:

    Springfield M1a
    Vortex Optics (Sparc, Strikefire, Spitfire)
    Burris AR 536/332
    Bravo Company USA Uppers
    Spikes Tatical Uppers
    Stripped Lowers (Spikes Tatical, Mega Arms)
    Complete Lowers (Bravo Company USA, Colt, Noveske).
    AR-15 Mags (Troy, Tango Down, Magpul, Lancer)
    Glock 19 Mags

    If yours is worth more than mine, I can throw in cash/other crap to help even things up. If mine is worth more than yours, I expect the same.

    The items on my "want list" are not a straight trade, they need to add up to roughly the value I have listed above. Going off of current market value, not panic pricing.
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    Still available?

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