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WTT WA Royland Southgate longrifle

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Royland Southgate Handmade Longrifle .38 Caliber.
Made in 1950 serial number 86
Southgate was among the very few 20th century gunmakers who made muzzleloaders before the replica craze of the 1960's onward...
He made this rifle lock , stock and barrel the old way , by hand...every bit of the rifle , all but the Colt nipple was made by Southgate.
Southgate made guns from 1946-1975..he made a total of 987 guns
Caliber : .38
Load : 40 grains of 2F , .10 patch and a .375 round ball ...this rifle and load has kept me fed and won many a rifle match...
Stock is of cherry and has incised carving and silver inlays along with a engraved brass patchbox and wear plate.
Barrel length is 38 inches and has "hex" marks on the crown...these were made to keep your rifle from being "witched".
Signed R. Southgate on the lock and barrel.
While the outside of the rifle has finish wear .....the bore is excellent...no pitting and great rifling.
The lock works set or unset and secure when cocked....As in the case of many original rifles there is no half-cock

Trades wanted :
Winchester model 94 rifle or carbine , pre-64 in .30-30
Winchester model 55 or 64 pre-64 rifle in .30-30
Marlin 1893 or Model 36 ( not 336 ) rifle or carbine in .30-30
Historically accurate copy of a flintlock rifle , .50 or better
Edit to add...
Shipping this rifle may be a pain..due the length of the rifle....
I would be happy to meet up somewhere between us if someone was interested in a trade...Not saying that I wouldn't ship...
just posting in the interest of being honest / no surprises etc...
Also it should go without saying that I would be happy to offer any shooting or cleaning advice with this rifle at any time...

Thank you for looking



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