Rossi Ranch Hand Shoots High (One Fix Method)

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    This is a vent...

    I have a Rossi RH92 in .44Mag
    (Ranch Hand)

    Ive had it out shooting once. They are notorious for shooting extremely high at 25 yards. Ok, so that's understandable they aren't accurate. 24" high at 25 yards is what I would call "extreme"...

    The solution is to buy (on your own..) a .500" tall front sight at $16-26, but I'm cheap and would rather make it than buy it.

    The front sight that comes on it is .420", so that leaves us with needing .08" of height in the front or .08" of drop in the rear.

    As stated I've had it out shooting once. With the inaccuracy I've been reluctant to take it out again.

    This morning I decided to call Rossi directly. His reply was "This firearm is intended to be shot from the hip and isn't designed for accuracy. It's primarily a varmint gun..... etc."

    I asked how 24-26" high at 25 yards was good enough and was basically told to eat feces because the standard sights on it that it comes with is all they put on them and I needed to explore aftermarket front sights if I wanted it to be more accurate.

    Super dissatisfied with their reps being told to just "head us off at the pass" and while admitting there is a problem not providing a solution. One would think that dropping $450-$500 on a firearm should get you better accuracy without needing to spend $$ on the correct sights.

    My solution today before the phone call, because I assumed I was going to get stiffed anyway was to take my Dremel and cut a .08" deeper notch into my rear sight. So I took my rear sight, elevated it to the highest mark and used my caliper to measure out .08", marked it and cut away! I actually cut down about .1" so if I needed to I could elevate to the second notch on the elevator. If you go .08" the top of the elevator is about .03" interference into the line of sight. I'd rather raise the rear to compensate.

    I will end up cleaning up the buckhorn a little better. Turned out I had a Dremel cutoff wheel that was the same width as the previous notch. I'll take my blue pen and touch up the area that was cut, oil down the sight so no stray pieces of ground off metal flash rust my gun.
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