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Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by DirtyBird, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I picked up a Rossi Gallery Gun as part of a larger deal with a fellow member here. After some thought, I've decided to put it up for trade as I don't really need a fourth .22 rifle.

    It's the 22-inch barrel version, not the smaller 16-inch version. Blued, wood stock, finish is rough in places but it works just fine. It's definitely a shooter, not a barbecue gun. I'll try to get a photo up soon.

    In terms of what I'd like, I'll listen to whatever trade offer you send. Here's a trade list though, for the heck of it:

    - 7.62x39 ammo
    - Defensive 9mm and/or .45 acp ammo
    - Any kind of fancy Swedish axe
    - A nice automatic knife
    - Petromax or other pressure lantern
    - A nice tent
    - Fancy flashlight - SureFire, Malkoff, Fenix, etc.

    I'll definitely consider offers for other firearms, and I might be able to scrounge up a little cash to sweeten the right deal. I've always wanted a NAA .22 mini-revolver. If by some chance you have a 16-inch Gallery Gun and want the longer barreled version, you can lead me by the nose to your chosen terms. If have a cash offer, please send it via pm.


    ETA - Pics & more info:

    There's no model number or name marked on the rifle. Takes 22 s/L/LR. No safety, other than half cocking the hammer. Missing rear sight.


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