Roof Work for Quality Optics, possibly others

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    I'm a licensed roofing contractor looking to trade roof work- repair, addition, clean/treat/service, or even a re-roof (partial, obviously) for quality optics and corresponding mounts.

    Optics interested in:

    CompM3/4, T-1/H-1, 2MOA only
    S&B, Leupold, USO, NF, Swarovski, Trijicon, variable magnified optics, preferably in the 2x7ish range
    QD mounts from Bobro, Larue, American
    ACOG - TA47, TA33, TA44, TA11 tops

    Will obviously consider anything else you have, but keep in mind I'm ONLY interested in quality stuff.

    Can do labor/material, just labor, even just material, depending on what you got and what you need.

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