Romanian RPK AES-10B + Mags & Ammo!

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Keane, Mar 3, 2013.

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    Up for trade is a Romanian RPK! This is an AK-47 with a thicker receiver, thicker barrel, a carry handle, and a bi-pod. THis is a fantastic shooting rifle, and is a ton of fun!

    Included in the package are 2 steel 30 round magazines, 3 Tapco 30 round magazines, and 1 Tapco 20 round magazine. 14 20-round packages of steel cased surplus ammo are included as well, PLUS the 2 steel magazines are full.

    My reason for trading is to limit calibers (or get something else really cool!). If you have a Thompson 1927 or a MSAR .223, I would be EXTREMELY interested, but I would be interested in a bunch of stuff. I am willing to do cash either way as well.

    So, make an offer!

    EDIT: I'll note that I'm interested in an Auto-Ordinance Thompson 1927 A1 as well, so long as it has the front pistol grip and 30+ round magazine. Based on gunbroker results, I realize that these go for slightly less than the RPK is going for these days, but I'd be willing to eat the difference for the right one.

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